Osteoporosis and corona

Having osteoporosis or using osteoporosis treatments does not increase the risk of getting the coronavirus or its serious side effects.

However, fracture prevention is now more important in people with osteoporosis than ever before. Due to the high workload of health care systems, people are in demand according to general recommendations. To refrain from going to the hospital and doctor's office except in cases of necessity.

It is important to avoid falling: Make sure there are no obstacles in your home environment that could lead to a fall.

If you have been prescribed osteoporosis medicine (including calcium and vitamin D supplements), do not stop taking it and consult your doctor if you are concerned.

According to the recommended conditions, it is preferable to stay at home. If you need to see your doctor or need a prescription, try to use your phone instead and minimize attendance at the office or hospital.

Try to stay in touch with family and friends by phone or email. Physical isolation and avoiding face-to-face communication does not mean social isolation and distance from people.

Do not refuse to ask for help with purchasing essentials, medicines or other items.

it is necessary to mention:

 Having osteoporosis does not increase the risk of getting the corona virus.

Although there is a lot of worry and anxiety at this time and place, be assured that most people who get the Corona virus only get a mild illness and recover at home.

Social protection, social separation and staying at home:

According to general recommendations, you should do one of the following:

Social protection: If the effects of the corona virus are high for you.

Social segregation: If you or someone you live with has symptoms.

Staying at home: Unless absolutely necessary, in all other cases.